Congratulation dan thanksful for dr Ferdinand help people on the world


Jakarta, Yayasan raicindonesia is a refugee led initiative easing the burden for those fleeing persecution through coordinating programs such as health care, information and legal aid.

This yayasan is stablished since 2017 and has been working hard to advocate for refugees with the help of amazing experts and volunteers like dr.Ferdinand, those kind hands that our work would be impossible without them.

Today raicindonesia held another eye clinic for refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia, dr.Ferdinand Tumewu checked 32 refugees and provided eye glasses and medication, wrote referral letters and tirelessly helped everyone. we send our special thanks to dr. Feedinand for making this activity possible by volunteering his time and amazing skills to help humans in need. This was the 8th time, and he is committed to continue helping thousands of refugees and vulnerable Indonesians.

The diagnoses after check up 32 the patients are Retinopati Diabetes, Glaukoma ,neuritis optic with toxicitas,Retinopati Hipertensi, Choroidoretinitis,Cataract,Ambliopia Refraction, disorder of rafraction and accomodation,disorder of retinal,Neuritis retrobulbar, Conjunctivitis.(fft)